Rescued Elephants Find Paradise At Amazing Sanctuary

Formerly abused elephants now find a home at Phuket Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand.

Elephants are saved from a life of abuse, logging and entertainment

It’s not an easy life for elephants in Thailand.  Some roam free. The vast majority live horrendous lives, abused, forced to work in the logging industry.

Even situations that can look harmless to tourists, like performing elephants, or ones that give rides, are miserable situations for the animals.

That’s what makes the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary so special. This is a place where elephants just get to be elephants.

My husband and I recently had a chance to go their during our trip to Thailand.

Here’s a quick look.

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And if you’re lucky enough to visit Thailand, I very much encourage you to visit this special place.

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Rescued Elephants Find Paradise At Amazing Sanctuary

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