Retiring Cop Surprised And Overwhelmed By Son As He Radios In For The Last Time

Retiring Southbridge Massachussetts cop Duane Ledoux is overcome with emotion as he's surprised by his son on his final radio call.

Retiring police officer Duane Ledoux has made a career out of being a cop.

After more than 32 years serving on the Southbridge, Massachusetts Police Department, Ledoux radioed in for the last time earlier this summer.

Little did Officer Ledoux realize, his son, Nate, would be the one responding for his dad’s final radio call.

No doubt, Ledoux has to be a tough guy to serve all those years on the force.

All the more reason it is so heartwarming to see him turn into a big pile of mush when he realizes that’s his son on the other end.

The DailyMail has the video.

Just for kicks and a few more tears, here’s what it looked like from Nate’s perspective back at the department where he announces, “It is my sincere pleasure to announce that on this day, after 32.5 years of service, my father, Southbridge Police Officer Duane Ledoux, is retiring and has given his final code five.”

As Officer Ledoux said, “It’s time to go home.”

Indeed, it is.

Enjoy your well-earned retirement, Sir.  Thank you for your many years of service.

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Retiring Cop Surprised And Overwhelmed By Son As He Radios In For The Last Time

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