Ringling Bros. Circus Elephants Lumber Into Much-Deserved Retirement

Time for some awesome elephants to unpack their trunks, so to speak.

The last remaining 11 Asian elephants who have been performing with Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus have been retired.

The circus fought animal rights activists for years, but eventually saw the light that these magnificent creatures deserved better than having to do tricks for audiences around the world.

Tip of the ringleader’s hat to the circus–When they finally retired the elephants, they sent them out in style.

KTVU has that story.

ABC News reports the company announced in 2015 that it would retire the full herd to the center by 2018. But once officials began planning details, they realized they could do it sooner because building the new structures to house the retiring elephants didn’t take as long as they originally thought, company officials said.

It costs about $65,000 yearly to care for each elephant.

They will spend their days at The Center For Elephant Conservation.

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Ringling Bros. Circus Elephants Lumber Into Much-Deserved Retirement

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