“Scoots,” The Cat, Reunited With 90-Year-Old California Fire Survivor

Scoots and his human lost everything except each other

Scoots, the cat, claims 90-year-old Clifford Nimz as his human. 

They’ve lived together in a home in the woods of Paradise, California. It was a peaceful life until the deadly Camp Fire overtook the area last weekend. 

Nimz made the decision to stay behind and try to fight the flames. Once, he realized that was a mistake he had to flee for his life.

His entire home burned to the ground and he figured he lost everything including his beloved cat, Scoots.

A TV crew from Sacramento’s KXTV was able to get back and confirm Nimz’s home was gone.

As for Scoots,

Well, the TV crew and then, Nimz were in for quite a surprise.  Giacomo Luca and his photojournalist Rob Asher were determined to bring these two back together again. 

Miracle of miracles–Scoots appears to be just fine except for some really dirty fur.  If those cuddles are any indication, some snuggles with his human are going to be the final touch in realizing he’s okay.

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“Scoots,” The Cat, Reunited With 90-Year-Old California Fire Survivor

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