Sea Otter Pup Reunited With His Mama Makes Cutest Moment Of The Day

The Marine Mammal Center reunites a sea otter pup and mother off the coast of Central California.

I have to say I was intrigued with the headline about a sea otter pup being reunited with his mother.

How is this going to work?

Turns out beautifully.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports the pup was only a couple days old when it was separated from its mother.

They suspect the pair were separated in a particularly strong tide last week as mama foraged for food.

Experts from the Marine Mammal Center found the pup floating alone off the coast of San Luis Obispo and scooped him up.
So, it’s one thing to be separated, it’s another to be reunited.

A lot of factors had to come together for this to work. says when the team found the pup floating in the harbor alone they drove the pup around the area and approached any female sea otters so potential moms could hear the pup’s distinct vocalizations.

Apparently mama sea otters know the sounds of their own pups.


When one particular sea otter heard the cries, she started circling the boat.

That’s when the team figured they had found mom.

Dr. Heather Harris, The Marine Mammal Center, and Tim Cowan of the Morro Bay Harbor Patrol worked together for the reunion and to create this video.
Dog Is Good

This adorable reunion shows their instinct was correct.

But wait–

What’s the deal with just tossing that sweet baby into the ocean?

Weren’t the marine experts worried that the baby would sink or drown?

Turns out baby sea otters are built to float.

They can’t sink!

Who knew?

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Sea Otter Pup Reunited With His Mama Makes Cutest Moment Of The Day

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