The Shocking Reason Teachers Are Pulling Certain Students Out Of Class

The shocking reason teachers are pulling students out of school in Oak Park, Missouri. It's part of a positivity project where teachers tell students they inspire them to come to school each day.

There are so many reasons teachers could pull a student out of class.

Probably the first three or four that come to mind our negative ones.

The folks at Oak Park High School in Kansas City, Missouri want to change that.

They came up with the Oak Park Positivity Project.

Teachers were asked to come up with at least one student who inspires them to come to work each day.

They pulled the kids out of class and shot video while they shower the students with kindness and praise.

The reactions are sure to warm up your day.

These few minutes of kindness are already having a big impact.

One of the teachers told TODAY, “A lot of the students realized, ‘Teachers do care about me. Sometimes it can feel like just an exchange of knowledge between a teacher and a student, like you’re just a number, turn your work in, let’s go. This made teachers and students feel more human toward each other.”

I’m dedicating this post to the awesome teachers making a difference everyday and the kids who make it worth it for them to come to work.

Who makes it worthwhile for you to come to work each day?

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The Shocking Reason Teachers Are Pulling Certain Students Out Of Class

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