Stranger Gets Instant Grandma Status When She Takes In Dad And Newborn Baby Unable To Fly

Joy Ringhofer got instant grandma status when she took a stranger and his newborn baby into her home when they were unable to fly home from Phoenix to Cleveland.

What does it take to be a grandma?

A kind heart and a child to love make for a great start.

That’s what Joy Ringhofer knows.

She’s a volunteer at Banner University Medical Center in Phoenix.

That’s where she met a new dad with an unusual story.

Rubin Swift had flown in from Cleveland for the birth of his daughter. He’s taking full custody of her and expected to be able to fly back home when his new daughter, Ru-Andria, was four days old.

He had all the right papers.

Birth certificate-check.

Note from doctors-check.

But when he got to the airport in Phoenix, Frontier Airlines told him babies need to be seven days old to fly on their planes.

Rubin was stuck. He had no money to stay in a hotel. He knew no one in Phoenix.

Well, there was that nice volunteer lady he met at the hospital.

Rubin took a shot and called up Joy.

KPHO has their story.

Arizona’s Family

The Swifts were able to fly home on Tuesday.

Frontier Airlines told Arizona’s Family, “To comply with Frontier policy regarding the age of traveling infants these passengers were rebooked on a Frontier flight department on March 20. We also waived any change fees associated with this change so the passenger can travel in accordance with our policy.”

Consider that a little gift to a new family who will never forget the beginning of their life together and kind grandma that showered them with love.

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Stranger Gets Instant Grandma Status When She Takes In Dad And Newborn Baby Unable To Fly

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