Student Finds Out She’s Into First-Choice College LIVE On Today Show

It’s exciting enough to find out you got into your first choice for college.

High school senior Tyra Riedemonn really got a thrill she’ll never forget.

She found out she got into Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania while standing outside The Today Show.

And to think, she thought she was just there to watch Al Roker do the weather.

Tyra has been taking part in The College Bound Initiative which is a program funded by the Young Women’s Leadership Network, which also supports Riedemonn’s school. The schools in the Young Women’s Leadership Network “provide a single-sex educational choice for predominantly low-income students who will be the first in their families to attend higher education,” according to the network’s website.

Talk about a program that works–CBI participants graduating from partner high schools achieve four-year college degrees at nearly double the rate of their peers.

This is a young lady who wasn’t taking any chances. Her counselor says Tyra applied to 23 schools.

Congratulations, Tyra!

Your future looks so bright!

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Student Finds Out She’s Into First-Choice College LIVE On Today Show

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