College Student Wins $100,000 Prize And Gives Away All The Money

Emory Student Rostam Zafari and his partner Adam Goldstone. Together they created an ebola test strip. Zafari recently won the Cyrus Prize and is giving away his entire $100,000 prize to The New School in Atlanta.

Many college students will tell you they are strapped for money.

Can barely afford tuition, books, and fees, let alone beer and pizza money.

So many would dream of winning $100,000.

That was a dream come true for Emory University student, Rostam Zafari.

$100K was the cash prize that came along with winning the Cyrus Prize, a genius grant that goes to young Iranian inventors.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports Zafari and his partner, Brian Goldstone, developed Rapid Ebola Strips (REDS), a faster, less expensive medical screen test for the Ebola virus.

Here’s how the partners describe their project in a video they made to raise funds on

The prize money is meant to support research, but Zafari and Goldstone say they’ve already raised the money they need for testing, so Zafari donated the entire $100,000 to The New School in Atlanta.

The New School is a a private high school focused on project-based education in “work that matters.”

The AJC says Zafari has been a mentor and “entrepreneur-in-residence” at the school since 2016, hopes to help fund education for students interested in starting their own businesses.

USA TODAY reports Zafari already has funding for his startup, he saw a way to give the money even more impact: funding education for students to create their own startups.

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College Student Wins $100,000 Prize And Gives Away All The Money

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