Supermodel’s Advice To Women On Aging-Gain Weight!

Supermodel Iman is one of the first of the uber-beauties to become her own brand.

She’s now 60 years old and still gorgeous.

It could be enough to not be able to relate, until she shares some awesome beauty advice to other women as we age.

She tells Yahoo Beauty that women should gain weight!

Yes, gain weight!

She recommends 5-10 pounds to fill out some of our wrinkles.

Talk about keeping it real, Iman says, “I don’t need to fit into my jeans I wore in my 20’s!”

She simply bought a new pair in a larger size.

I love that kind of thinking that goes against the messages we are bombarded with from the beauty industry.

Iman on the cover of Italian "Vanity Fair."

Iman on the cover of Italian “Vanity Fair.”

And why does she say a woman should never lie about her age?

You can read that answer and the rest of the interview here.

Here’s my take on lying about your age.

Now, I gotta go eat a cupcake, or six.

Y’know, all in the name of looking younger.
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Supermodel’s Advice To Women On Aging-Gain Weight!

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