13 Children of Fallen 9/11 Firefighters Are Joining The NYFD

Fallen 9/11 firefighters live on through their remarkable children. The legacies of several fallen 9/11 firefighters live on. 13 new firefighters for the New York Fire Department have firefighting in their blood. They have a connection to the work and the department unlike any other. 13 grown children of fallen 9/11 firefighters are set to join the department. A New Generation of Heroes The New York Post reports the current FDNY Academy class includes 13 members whose firefighter fathers were

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9/11 Fire Chief Finally Gets Funeral 15 Years Later, A Twist Of His Own Generosity

A New York City fire chief finally received his proper funeral this week 15 years after he was killed during the 9/11 attacks. The beautiful twist of the story, the funeral was finally able to happen because of one of his own selfless acts. Batallion chief Lawrence T. Stack was 58-years-old when he died. He’d spent 33 years fighting fires. The New York Times reports Chief Stack died a hero rescuing countless other firefighters and civilians as the World Trade

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