Reporter Interrupts Facebook Live Report To Save Therapy Dog From Hurricane Florence Flooding

Hurricane Florence flooding presented a big challenge TV reporter Julie Wilson. She was focused on her Facebook Live streaming report in New Bern, North Carolina. Wilson was doing a very good job describing all the dangers surrounding her as the flood waters continued to rise. But when she came across a woman determined to save her daughter’s therapy dog, she immediately shifted to what was most important–saving the dog. Wilson brought visitors along sloshing through the waters as the scared

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Ex-Con Misses Job Interview When He Stops To Save Car Crash Victim And Gives Shirt Off His Back

There is so much more to ex-con Aaron Tucker than the fact he recently did time. He is a dad. He is someone grateful for a second chance. He is a hero. Tucker was on his way to a job interview last month when he spotted a terrible car crash from the bus he was riding on. He dashed out of the bus and ran to the injured driver. He even gave him the shirt off his back to help

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