Double Amputee Marine Becomes A Cop And Makes History

So much of Matias Ferreira’s life has not gone to plan. He never planned on losing both his legs and becoming a double-amputee while serving with the US Marines in Afghanistan. Once he started healing, Ferriera is the kind of man who was determined to come up with a new dream. Leave it to him to come up with a goal no one had accomplished before. He wanted to become a police officer. Friday, that dream came true. Big time. Steve

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American Trumpet Player Creates Symphony of Possibility For Afghan Teen

David Bilger is one of the professional trumpet players in the country. He shows off his talent as principal trumpet player for the Philadelphia Orchestra. But his most inspiring, important performance is being done for an orchestra of one. Oh, but what a one. 17-year-old Baset Azizi believes he was born to play trumpet, as well. He had one big problem. Baset was born and living in Kabul, Afghanistan, a place where you can literally be killed for listening to

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