Virtual Gorilla Field Trip Lets You Hang Out With Them From Your Coronavirus Lockdown

Virtual gorilla field trip will help you feel like you’re breaking free, traveling the world How about a virtual gorilla field trip to help you break out of your coronavirus lockdown situation? It’s now possible thanks to my friends Ulrico Grech-Cumbo and Amy Montalvo. They are part of the Habitat XR team that travels the world capturing VR virtual reality films of the most incredible landscapes and creatures. For the best experience, click that 4-way arrow that lets you watch

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That Time U2’s Bono Wasn’t The Biggest Rock Star On The Tour

What we can learn from rock star Bono touring Africa with US Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill “Oh, and I toured Africa for two weeks with Bono.” It’s the line when talking about my 12-years at CNN that makes eyes bug out the most. Yes, it was all that. 4-countries. My first trip to Africa. Crazy access to one of the biggest rock stars in the world. And, And, That actually isn’t the whole story. Not the most important part of

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Is The World Too Scary To Travel? What To Do?

This is the trip that almost wasn’t. And by trip, I mean trip of a lifetime. Husband, aka, Mad Scientist Miles Man has done it again. Figured out a way we can take our two girls to Africa for Christmas. Yeah, Africa. Land of elephants, lions, and hippos. Home of Nelson Mandela. Husband figured out a way a few months ago with his miles magic he could make this happen for $100 bucks a person. I’m not kidding. For four

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