Publix Workers Rescue Little Girl’s Stuffed Bunny From Landfill

The beloved stuffed bunny. Three-year-old Maddie Rachal’s world revolves around hers. It made sense that Bunny came along with Maddie and her mom when they took a trip to their Publix grocery store in Birmingham, Alabama. Bunny goes everywhere. Her mother, Jenna, tells, “Anybody who meets Maddie also meets Bunny.” Until that fateful trip. With a thunderstorm brewing, Maddie and Jenna dashed to their car. By the time they got home, mom realized something dreadful. Bunny was gone. Somewhere

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How Former Sharecropper Became Supercharged Voter Motivator In Alabama

Perman Handy knows the importance of being a voter. She is a former Alabama sharecropper who knows how to grow things. Grow crops. Grow grassroots movements. has a beautiful story of how Handy helped shaped this week’s Senate runoff election in Alabama. They make the case that she helped propel Democrat Doug Jones to victory of Republican Roy Moore. This 59-year-old dynamo has spent most of her free time for the last 25 years making sure every eligible voter

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Middle School Girls Get Back-To-School Surprise Thanks To Some Awesome Teachers

Middle school is a tough time when confidence can sink. Dreams deflate. Kids can forget the awesome sauce they were in elementary school. It can be especially tough for girls. The teachers at Simmons Middle School in Hoover, Alabama have a great and inspiring surprise waiting for their 6-8th grade girls. They’ll find it in the girls bathroom. reports the girls will find inspiring messages sprinkled throughout the freshened up bathroom. Sparkly sayings like, “You are beautiful.” Five teachers

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