MilesHusband Books $14,500 Luxury First Class Plane Ride For $15

MilesHusband and I are just back from an incredible first class luxury airline experience. We flew Etihad Airways First Class Apartments from New York’s JFK airport to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Forget everything you think you know about flying first class. This one leg would’ve cost $14,500 per person. We paid $15. And 115,000 American AAdvantage miles. Yeah. For 30 bucks we laughed our way through luxury for 12 hours. We’ve actually flown this plane once before

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How MilesHusband’s Biggest Points Redemption Ever Waited Behind This Hotel Door

Points redemption. Two words that give MilesHusband goosies. Basically, it’s the math you do to figure out how much value each point or mile brings you when you cash it in for a flight, a hotel, or heaven forbid, a camera or magazine subscription. And off the top, I have to say, “Thank you, Chase Ultimate Rewards!” as these points made this great story possible. More on how to earn those at the bottom of this post. For now back

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Husband Creates Travel Masterpiece: Around The World In First Class For $383.45!

I imagine most husbands’ idea of some time away means a few days at the beach? Couple days at a cabin? I’m not really sure, as I’m very late to the marriage game and Miles Chasing Mad Scientist Husband is my entire husband sample. Beyond family, MCMSH’s passion is collecting frequent flyer miles without flying and cashing them in to travel the world First Class on the fanciest planes, fanciest airlines, which he likes to point out upfront are not

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