Firefighter Uses Sign Language To Communicate With Delighted Boy

Sign language and kindness come naturally to firefighter Mike Rheault American Sign Language proved to be the perfect tool for firefighter Mike Rheault. He’s a lieutenant in the Manchester, New Hampshire fire department. He was one of several firefighters responding to alarms going off at an apartment building earlier this month. That’s when Lt. Rheault spied a shy boy peaking out of a doorway. That boy was Teegan McCall. His mother explains that her son has cerebral palsy and is

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Passenger Shares Beautiful Moment Of Sign Language Kindness On Alaska Airlines Flight

What a gift to get to witness a beautiful moment of kindness aboard an Alaska Airlines flight. That is what a woman named, Lynette Scribner, has done and shared with the world on Facebook. She shares how she was traveling from Boston’s Logan Airport after visiting her sister. There was a man named, Tim, seated in her row. It appeared he was both blind and deaf. This is a story about how one man can inspire a wave of kindness.

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Barista Does Something Wonderful For Deaf Customer

Ibby Piracha knows it’s not easy being a deaf person in a hearing world. There are many things that can be done to make life easier for the hearing impaired. In fact, doorbells for hearing impaired are becoming much more common among the home’s of deaf people. That’s why a stranger’s wonderful act has moved him so much. That stranger was Krystal Payne, a new barista at the Starbucks in Leesburg, Virginia. Soon after starting at the store, Krystal noticed

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