The Shocking Reason Teachers Are Pulling Certain Students Out Of Class

There are so many reasons teachers could pull a student out of class. Probably the first three or four that come to mind our negative ones. The folks at Oak Park High School in Kansas City, Missouri want to change that. They came up with the Oak Park Positivity Project. Teachers were asked to come up with at least one student who inspires them to come to work each day. They pulled the kids out of class and shot video

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Lines Of Spontaneous Hugs Break Out For Dallas Police Officers

Is a long line of hugs going to heal all the wounds from this past weekend? Can hugs solve the world’s problems? Of course not. Still, I had to share this scene that warmed my heart so– Residents of Dallas, Texas spontaneously showing up at police headquarters simply to give a hug to police officers. To offer their condolences for the five officers killed Thursday and the seven others wounded. To say they appreciate them putting their lives on the line

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