Rescue Kittens Visit Georgia Aquarium for Adorable Field Trip To Meet The Fishies

Rescue kittens get the same chance as rescue puppies to visit the Georgia Aquarium It doesn’t get much cuter than rescue kittens, especially when you give them the chance to visit a magical environment like the Georgia Aquarium. The Atlanta Humane Society made the field trip happen after an earlier video featuring rescue puppies at the aquarium went viral. Some tips for your furry friend The Atlanta Humane Society also used the opportunity to pass along some tips on how

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Closed Shedd Aquarium Letting Penguins Explore & Visit Other Animals

Shedd Aquarium lets penguins go on a field trip to explore and visit The Shedd Aquarium is like just about every other public place in America right now. It is closed to help curb the spread of the coronavirus. Kudos to the marine biologists at Shedd who saw an opportunity. They let some of the penguins explore the aquarium and check out other animals. The Shedd folks shared one particularly cute video of Wellington, a rockhopper penguin. The Chicago Tribune

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Loggerhead Turtle Who Spent 20 Years In Captivity Swims 23,000 Miles From South Africa To Australia

Yoshi, the loggerhead turtle. is showing scientists that you can go home again It has been quite the journey for Yoshi, the loggerhead turtle. More than 20 years ago some fishermen found her small and injured off the coast of Africa. They brought her to Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town, South Africa. They healed for her, cared for her, and learned from her. She was one of the first turtles they successfully took through rehabilitation. About three years ago,

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