Stolen Gold Medal Leads To Unlikely Friendship

The Olympic gold medal Joe Jacobi won at the Barcelona Olympics in kayaking has brought him a lot of joy since 1992. No wonder he was devastated when it was stolen from his car a few weeks ago. Little did Joe realize, that incident, that loss was about to bring him a wonderful gift and a friendship he never expected. Six-year-old Chloe Smith thinks the story is pretty special, too. Another fine story of friendship from CBS News’ Steve Hartman.

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My Family’s Shameful Travel Confession

Pressure. I’m feeling it. The need to declare allegiance to a team. To claim certain values. A way of life. Hold your political horses. You know we don’t go there in this space. And yet, With summer vacation wrapping up, another round of trips ready to post in the digital scrapbook, There feels this need to own, Honestly own, Where I fall in one of life’s big questions. Do you travel or do you vacation? Because, Dear Reader, you know

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