How You A Letter From Your Dog Can Make One Little Girl’s Living Wish Come True

7-Year-Old Emma Martens says a letter from your dog brings her comfort. Dear dog parents–a letter from your dog can work some magic in the heart of one special little girl in Wisconsin. 7-year-old Emma Martens has an inoperable brain tumor. Her family says Emma loves dogs and gets comfort from seeing them and thinking about them. So, they’re asking you to send Emma a letter or email from your dog. Thousands of dog lovers are already showering Emma with

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Stranger Drives Dog 2,300 Miles For Reunion With Boy Recovering From Surgery

Because could there be any better medicine than a reunion with your dog? The reunion. That’s what Bob Reynolds had on his mind for 2,300 miles. It was the ride of a lifetime for this former trucker. All to bring a boy back together with his dog. The boy is Perryn Miller. He’s 8-years-old and lives in Wilmington, North Carolina. Perryn and his family were visiting with family in Utah over the holidays when the boy started complaining about bad

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Granting My Mother’s Final Wish

I wonder if they know how ridiculous they sound. Those doctors. The ones trying to sell my mother on further treatment. How do you convince a woman months away from her 80th birthday that she should sign up a cacophony of torture? “We can put in a feeding tube for a couple of weeks,” their pitch began. “We’ll send you to a nursing home where you’ll be connected to an IV, sit in diapers, and wait. If you do well

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