Friendly Puppy Who Flunked Out Of K9 Police Academy Gets Awesome New Job

What an honor for a dog to make it through the police academy and become part of a hardworking K9 unit. Such was not the fate for Gavel, the German Shepherd puppy in Australia who has flunked out of the police academy. Gavel’s problem? Simply, he’s too nice. 7News says it turns out Gavel likes people so much, the trainers were concerned he wouldn’t have what it takes to take down the bad guys. Quite a beginning for Gavel who

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Teen Plays Hooky And Steals The Show At Bruce Springsteen Concert

Rocker Bruce Springsteen made sure one Australian teenager learned his lesson about playing hooky from school. Nathan Testa found out it was probably the best idea of his life. Testa was close to the stage during a recent concert in Brisbane, Australia. He held up a sign reading, ““Missed school, in the s—, now can I play ‘Growin’ Up’ with you?” What was the superstar to do but invite the lad up to do just that. As you’ll see, Nathan

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