Dog Is A Magician Who Makes Simon Cowell Cry On ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

Does Simon Cowell really believe this dog is a magician? Of course, everyone thinks there dog is a magician. Just look at the magical way he/she makes you feel, the infinite love they create in your life. That’s fine for all dogs. Dave Wardell knows his service dog, Finn, truly is. He showed Finn’s ability to turn into a magician on this season’s Britain’s Got Talent. Head judge Simon Cowell clearly looked impressed with the magic tricks. What really got

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Golden Buzzer Moment For Father Son Duo Reminds Us We Are The Lucky Ones

I watched this Golden Buzzer moment on “Britain’s Got Talent” YouTube channel and thought, “This.” This is what I need. This might be what you need this weekend. Odd to feature a father-son duo on Mother’s Day weekend? Perhaps. But it was the feeling that got me. On this, A weekend that is hard for a lot of folks. Stomp your feet that, “Mother’s Day is a made up holiday. Whatever. It can just be hard. Hard if you don’t

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What Happened After Britain’s Got Talent Judge Told This Kid To Get Singing Lessons?

“Britain’s Got Talent” is the overseas first cousin to this country’s “America’s Got Talent.” And just like the US-based show, the program is built on dreams. Dreams of having your talent recognized. Dreams of getting a shot at sharing your talent with the world. It means taking a a huge risk. That’s what 12-year-old Kyle Tomlinson found out when he tried out in 2014. Judge David Walliams told the kid in no uncertain terms he should go get some singing

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