Bruce Springsteen's Son, Sam, Sworn In As New Jersey Firefighter

Sam Springsteen will be fighting fires for Jersey City Rock n’roll superstar Bruce Springsteen showed up not as The Boss, but rather, The Dad Tuesday as his youngest son was sworn in as a firefighter in New Jersey. Sam Springsteen will be fighting fires for Jersey City. Proud Dad Bruce told CBS New York that his son has been working incredibly hard for this opportunity. It was a long road. He was very dedicated for quite a few years and

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Teen Plays Hooky And Steals The Show At Bruce Springsteen Concert

Rocker Bruce Springsteen made sure one Australian teenager learned his lesson about playing hooky from school. Nathan Testa found out it was probably the best idea of his life. Testa was close to the stage during a recent concert in Brisbane, Australia. He held up a sign reading, ““Missed school, in the s—, now can I play ‘Growin’ Up’ with you?” What was the superstar to do but invite the lad up to do just that. As you’ll see, Nathan

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Bruce Springsteen Dances With His 90-Year-Old Mom At Madison Square Garden

Here’s a dance that was years and then months in the making for superstar Bruce Springsteen. The rocker was originally supposed to play Madison Square Garden back in January. But a winter storm forced him to delay. The show went on Monday night instead. Springsteen is known for dancing with all sorts of pretty gals at his concerts over the years. This time, though, he had one very special lady in mind. While playing, “Ramrod,” he left the stage and popped

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