Grocery Store Uses Embarrassing Messages On Plastic Bags To Encourage Customers To Bring Reusable Bags

Would embarrassing messages on plastic bags encourage you to bring your own bags to the grocery store? A grocery store in Vancouver, Canada thinks embarrassing messages on plastic bags might get the idea across. The store doesn’t want customers to use plastic bags to carry their groceries home. Please bring your reusable bags. Global News reports has printed up bags with “Weird Adult Video Emporium” and “Wart Ointment Wholesale.” Then there is the one with “Colon Care Co-op.” David Lee

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Kind Strangers Carry Little Boy And His Wheelchair Through The Snow

Strangers spy boy’s mother struggling and step up to help A young mother trying to get her son home from school in his wheelchair was overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers. Shannon Ranger shared on Facebook that when she set out to get her six-year-old son home from school Friday she didn’t realize just how bad the weather and snow was in her hometown of Edmonton, Canada. The snow was thicker and wetter than she was planning on. She and

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Groom Jumps Into River During Wedding Photoshoot To Save Drowning Boy

Groom Clayton Cook and his bride, Brittany, picked a beautiful place to have their wedding photos taken along stream in a park in Ontario, Canada. It was a moment that could’ve, should’ve been all about gazing into each other’s eyes. It was. That is, until Clayton saw something distressing out of the corner of his eye. He saw a little boy who had fallen in the water and appeared to be in distress. Without a thought, Clayton bolted into the

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