My Unexpected Journey To No Longer Owning A Car

No longer owning a car is part of a bigger life question I should start this week’s column with a confession. I didn’t tell you the whole story. It just didn’t seem that important at the time. Remember a couple weeks ago when I told you the wild story of trying save a baby squirrel? I drove an hour to get the squirrel to a wildlife rehabber who will be taking care of the little guy and eventually releasing him

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When You Wonder What Else Can Go Wrong

I’m no doctor. I don’t even play one on TV. Yet, I’m about to make a bold diagnosis. Because I know a case of this when I see it. A case of “What Else-itis.” My friend, Tricia, has it right now. A freakish house fire burned down half her home last Fall. The company where she works has been bought, so her job is about to go away. Did I mention her husband has filed for divorce? Oh, and last

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“Walking Dead” Stars Help Car Accident Victims

Thank goodness there were no walking dead, only walking heroes, Thursday when two stars of the incredibly popular TV show, “The Walking Dead” stopped to helped victims of a car accident they saw happen. CBS46 reports a witness snapped a picture of Norman Reedus and Steven Yeun stopping to help the crash victims. Reedus plays Daryl Dixon on the show. Yeun plays Glen Rhee. As those of us who live around Atlanta know, the show shoots all around the area.

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