Cop Gives Bride And Groom Ride To Their Wedding After Crash Wrecks Their Car

That’s just the beginning of the kindness shown to this bride and groom Bride Felice Terwillger and groom Joseph DeMichele say they wouldn’t change a thing about their wedding day, even though it certainly didn’t go as originally planned. The Daily News reports Terwillger and DeMichelle were on their way to the Lake Grove, New York Town Hall with their two kids when they were involved in a car crash. Everyone was fine. Everyone, but their Jeep Cherokee, which was

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Ex-Con Misses Job Interview When He Stops To Save Car Crash Victim And Gives Shirt Off His Back

There is so much more to ex-con Aaron Tucker than the fact he recently did time. He is a dad. He is someone grateful for a second chance. He is a hero. Tucker was on his way to a job interview last month when he spotted a terrible car crash from the bus he was riding on. He dashed out of the bus and ran to the injured driver. He even gave him the shirt off his back to help

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The Next Best Thing Might Be Right Out Your Front Door

Please catch my newspaper column each week in theAtlanta Journal Constitution and the Dayton Daily News. “If one more person told me ‘When one door closes, another door opens,’ I think I was going to scream,” a photographer named Mark Hirsch shared with me this week. Anyone who has gone through their share of losses has got to appreciate his honesty. The man sure did come by his cynicism honestly. First to go was his amazing job.  He was an oh so

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