American Trumpet Player Creates Symphony of Possibility For Afghan Teen

David Bilger is one of the professional trumpet players in the country. He shows off his talent as principal trumpet player for the Philadelphia Orchestra. But his most inspiring, important performance is being done for an orchestra of one. Oh, but what a one. 17-year-old Baset Azizi believes he was born to play trumpet, as well. He had one big problem. Baset was born and living in Kabul, Afghanistan, a place where you can literally be killed for listening to

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Man And His Goose: The Love Connection He Never Planned On

A certain goose in Oregon knows there’s┬áno telling where you will meet the love of your life. Yes, goose. CBS News’ Steve Hartman has the story of a man who thought he was just doing a nice thing for a struggling bird. He never realized he was about to become the unexpected match for one devoted goose. Kyle is one ambitious bird. Her Instagram account has more than 62,000 followers. You can see how she’s making folks smile at @KyleTheGoose.

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Single Dad And Daughter Bond Over Braiding Hair

Braiding hair probably is not at the top of most dad’s “To Do” list. Yet, it’s a skill that became increasingly important to Phil Morgese of Daytona Beach, Florida. He tells CBS News that he was good at the guy stuff, but wanted to be able to create a style that pleased his young daughter, Emma. It game them a great way to bond and now Morgese is teaching other dads how to do the same. This story is dedicated

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Ad Seeking “Tortoise Walker” Gets Overwhelming Response

Wanted: A devoted animal lover to be a tortoise walker in New York’s Central Park. Jaded New Yorkers might think they’ve seen it all, but a tortoise making his way through Central Park can still turn heads. Amanda Green has had her beloved African tortoise, Henry, for the last couple of years. Lately, she’s been feeling guilty that she can’t walk him enough. So, she put an ad on Craig’s List. That brought a stampede of job applicants. And the

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Innocent Man Befriends Crooked Cop Who Framed Him

An innocent man, an incredible man, a magnificent man has me thinking today. Thinking. Searching. Wondering. Do I have a drop of the magnificence he does when it comes to forgiveness? I’m pretty sure not. And yet, I’m still so inspired by this story. Caught my breath more than once as I watched it. Dropped more than a few tears, as well. I hope you’re as moved. And inspired. Here’s another wonderfully told story from CBS News’ Steve Hartman. For

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