Change Your Name When You Marry? Your Take!

Well, hello there, brides and wives! Looks like my column from a couple of weeks ago where I shared my choice not to change my name when I married has touched a nerve.  The responses have been pouring in. There’s no way I could print all of them, so here are a few. Tammie Morris represents the majority of women I heard from who chose to take her husband’s last name and make her maiden name her middle name. She

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The Question All Brides Must Answer

This day is coming, Brides. I warn you—it’s coming. Plan a huge Southern wedding including 68 cousins four times removed, go rustic chic spending thousands to say your vows in a splintery barn or elope to be married by an Elvis impersonator. No matter what you do. This day is coming. There’s simply no avoiding it. Anyone woman who has been married must answer the question. Will you or won’t you? My friend, Treva, asked me just the other day. “Did

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