17,000 Pounds Of Cheese On Its Way To Texas From Wisconsin Companies

Cheese is the best way to show the love when you’re from Wisconsin. Showing it, they are, as a number of companies are sending 17,000 pounds of dairy love to folks now trying to rebuild lives in Texas following Hurricane Harvey. String cheese. Cheese curds. Cheddar. How do you like your cheese? Chances are it’s on a truck that left Madison, Wisconsin Friday and is making it’s way to the Houston Food Bank. Oh, and just for good measure, there

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My Favorite Food Confession No One Understands

I could blame it on my mother-in-law. This week’s challenge, that is. My mother-in-law, truly a lovely lady. So delightful that when she came to town this week, she brought with her a container of homemade oatmeal cookies. My mouth waters just thinking about what might be, the best oatmeal cookie I’ve ever had. Perfectly round, baked to chewy consistency. I devoured a couple. Ok, maybe it was twelve. Who’s judging? Surely, not you. I savored each bite giving thanks

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