Gary Sinise Takes 1,000 Kids Of Fallen Service Members To Disney World

This is just Gary Sinise’s latest good act in conjunction with his foundation Actor Gary Sinise has made his career and life about so much more than just performing. Through his Gary Sinise Foundation he has done so much to support military families, veterans and first responders. The latest act came this week, as his foundation sent more than 1,000 kids of fallen service members to Disney World. Sinise says he knows gestures like these can’t bring back a kid’s

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Travel Guru Rick Steves Donates Apartment Complex To Homeless Women And Kids

You probably know Rick Steves for this European travel specials that run all over public television. While you’re watching him show you a quaint inn in Austria or walk a picturesque trail in France, you probably don’t realize that there is one generous heart who has his other passion—giving back. Steves long ago invested in a $4 million apartment complex back home in Washington state. He explains on his website, “One of my pet social causes has long been affordable

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How A Working Mother Would Handle Kids Crashing Her Live Interview

And now for the working mother version of the funny, relatable interview seen around the world. Surely, you’ve seen Professor Robert Kelly being interviewed about South Korea on the BBC when his two young children came in the room. Parents around the world could relate and laughed. Now, a New Zealand comedy duo, Jono and Ben have come up with a comedy skit showing how a working mom would handle the same situation. There are some stereotypes here, to be

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