How I Almost Tossed A Piece Of My Husband’s Soul To The Curb

I realize now,      That nothing,      No one,      Was safe.      Not in the path of the crazed madwoman.      Who happened to be me.      I shared last week how,      After years of procrastinating,      Husband and I finally attacked,      Emptied,      Donated the contents of a storage shed we’d been renting for more than five years.      The task was every bit as un-fun and unpleasant as I had imagined.      And,      And,

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Why Our Family Holiday Card This Year Was Actually Fake News

It’s pathetic, really.      Sure, it looks pleasant enough.      This year’s family holiday card.      I managed to herd all four family members.      Everyone combed their hair.      Put on a clean sweater.      There we are gathered around the Christmas tree,      Smiling our bright smiles.      I could almost post “#winning.”      Except for one thing,      I need to share,      To confess.      As lovely as our holiday photo is this year.      It’s

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When Marriage Means Learning To Love The Ugly

Please catch my newspaper column each week in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the Dayton Daily News and other newspapers across Ohio.  Here’s this week’s column: I did something this week I swore I would never do, managing to break not one, but two vows in the process. And it’s all part of the journey I share with you on a regular basis—what many of you have figured out before me—compromises you make as a wife and mother. For this broken vow story, you and

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