CNBC Anchors Share Best Money Advice From Dad

Money advice from dad must’ve sunk in for these CNBC anchors to have such successful careers Did you get great money advice from your dad? I’m a bit late in posting this since Father’s Day was last month, but I think it’s a good segment. CNBC asked some of their anchors “What is the best money advice your dad ever gave you?” The tips cover quite a range. ‘Always have mad money’ CNBC Personal finance correspondent Sharon Epperson says her

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Mom Launches Business To Save Her Daughter From Bullies; It’s Now Worth $65 Million

No one thinks bullies are a good thing. Though, just like other circumstances that you would never pick to happen to you or your child, that awful situation can get turned inside out to create something remarkable. That’s what happened with Julie Deane. She was so upset when bullies targeted her daughter at school in England. She instantly wanted to pull her kid and put her in a private school. But how to pay for it? That’s how the Cambridge

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Princeton Professor Posts Resume Of His Failures For World To See

I’m applauding Princeton professor Johannes Haushofer who did something really bold–he posted a CV, a resume of all his FAILURES to his Twitter feed. How refreshing is this during this age where everyone is boasting how great their life is. So many are so quick to toot their own horn, it looks like success comes easy to everyone else? That’s why Prof. Haushofer said he did it. At the top of the CV, he writes, “Most of what I try fails,

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