When the tears and time come too quickly

I spoke too fast.      Maybe I was simply defensive.      Husband was so sure the answer was, “Yes.” I wouldn’t be surprised to discover the family was placing bets on the “when?”      The question was simple.      “Did you cry?”      Who, me? I resemble that reputation Me, who has the reputation in this family of being the crier?      Especially at the milestones.      Like the time I cried when I took our daughters to get their

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Something Heartbreaking Is Happening Behind My Daughter’s Bedroom Door

Something unbelievable is happening in my daughter’s bedroom. Behind a closed door. I know what she’s doing in there. Something big. Something heartbreaking. Something totally expected. Daughter is packing for college. I want to run in there 1,425 times an hour. “Have you thought about…?” “Have you considered…?” I stop myself mid-knock outside her door. I’m determined not to be that parent. Have you seen them? There is a special Facebook page for parents of students going to the same

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