Video Conference Weddings Now Legal In New York State Thanks To Governor’s Executive Order

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo makes video conference weddings legal Video conference weddings are now the new legal answer to frustrated brides and grooms in New York state. Saturday, Governor Andrew Cuomo made it the new law of the land. ‘There’s now no excuse when the question comes up. You can do it by Zoom.’ NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Here’s the governor’s official tweet. I love one woman’s response! Aww.. that's sweet. Thank you, Gov Cuomo! Can you also help

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Book A Llama Or Goat For Your Next Zoom Call And Help Save A Farm

$100 buys you bragging rights for the best Zoom or conference call yet A llama or goat is waiting to improve your next Zoom call! A small sanctuary farm in Half Moon Bay, California has come up with a genius way to bring some smiles to our shut-in lives and help raise some much needed funds at the same time. Sweet Farm says for a small donation they will arrange for one of their animals to join your next Zoom

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Pumpkin the Cat Attacks Microphone Declaring Work From Home Conference Call Is Over!

Pumpkin the cat attacks microphone showing the challenges pet lovers everywhere are facing Pumpkin the cat attacks microphone. It’s the headline pet lovers across the world can relate to right now as they try to work from home during the coronavirus quarantine. Pumpkin seems to be speaking for all pets. “This conference call is over!” The Daily Mail says that is 32-year-old Leandra Lynn trying to take a call using her phone headset. Pumpkin apparently has an accomplice in mischief.

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