Famous Museums Offering Virtual Tours So You Can Experience Greatness From Your Home

These famous museums are making it possible to experience greatness even if you’re quarantined. 12 of the most famous museums in the world feel your shut in pain. Here you are limited in what you can do and where you can go because of the coronavirus. What if you could travel the world and see the great works housed in the world’s most famous museums without leaving your house? Travel + Leisure magazine has put together a great feature that

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Quarantined Italians Sing From Their Balconies To Raise Their Spirits & Ours

Quarantined Italians sing showing the power of song during these trying times Quarantined Italians are going to what they know soothes the soul–the power of music. The country is in lockdown to try to quell the spread of the coronavirus which has ravaged the country. And so, Italians are taking to their balconies. They are singing familiar songs and harmonizing with neighbors they might actually have never met. Here is one of the first posts of many to social media.

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NBA Team Owner Mark Cuban Vows To Help Hourly Workers When He Learns Season Is Suspended

Mark Cuban was shocked to see the news and immediately knew what was most important. Mark Cuban reacts moments after the NBA season was suspended. pic.twitter.com/4g8Z7yLts6 — ESPN (@espn) March 12, 2020 NBA Mavericks team owner Mark Cuban has seen a lot. He’s never seen this–the NBA announcing the season has been immediately suspended in the wake of the news that one of its players has tested positive for the coronavirus. There is concern for that player, Utah’s Rudy Gobert,

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