Epic Dance off In The Street Helps Grandfather & Granddaughter Overcome Quarantine Separation

Epic dance off brings family together for a moment of joy during coronavirus quarantine No one is more shocked about the epic dance off taking place in the streets of Nashville than Sherrie Neely. She’s a mom to her 6-year-old daughter, Kira, and daughter to her 81-year-old father. The family is very close. They live across the street from one another. Sherrie writes on Facebook that her little girl is used to seeing her grandpa every day. That’s just not

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Amazon Prime Delivery Guy Does Happy Dance When He Discovers ‘Thank You’ Treats By Front Door

A little kindness for a hardworking Amazon Prime Delivery Guy goes a long way A little role reversal as one woman makes a delivery to an Amazon Prime delivery guy. She delivers kindness. Kathy Ouma shared on Facebook how she always leaves a little gift basket of goodies on her front porch for delivery people bringing packages this time of year. This year, her Ring camera caught one driver’s delighted reaction. The video shows the man dropping a package off

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Dancing Airport Employee Entertains Little Girls Waiting For Christmas Flight

Dancing is probably not the first impulse you have as you’re slugging through holiday travel. That’s why this video that one dad shot in a Dallas airport is such a kick. Literally. Joe Vaughn of Moore, Oklahoma shared a Facebook live video of his little girls capturing the attention and delight of a fun-spirited airport employee working on the tarmac below. KOCO.com reports that Vaughn and his family were waiting for a Southwest Airlines flight back home to Oklahoma when

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