College Student Makes Masks For Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community

Masks for deaf feature clear panel showing wearer’s mouth College student Ashley Lawrence is making masks for deaf and hard of hearing people. She’s a student at Eastern Kentucky University where she’s studying education for the deaf. That’s how she was so in tune with the need. She explained to that ASL users depend a lot on facial expressions to communicate. That’s part of the grammar. She points to ASL interpreter Virginia Moore who signs for the daily news

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News Anchor Gina Maravilla Shares Her Deaf Daughter’s Inspiring Cochlear Implant Journey

Cochlear implant has brought Gina Maravilla’s daughter’s hearing back for a second time A device called a cochlear implant is a miracle for AZ Family anchor Gina Maravilla, her family, and especially her 11-year-old daughter, Kennedy. Kennedy wasn’t born completely deaf, but she has had hearing issues from the beginning. When she was four-years-old she completely lost hearing in her left ear. That’s when she received her first implant. It has been a big success. A few months ago, Kennedy

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Hearing-Impaired Dad Signs With Newborn Daughter

Hearing impaired dad uses sign language that we can all understand This hearing-impaired dad brings you the most loving moment of your day. He is signing to his newborn daughter. Look at how alert she is! She’s taking in every sign, every gesture of love. This video originally posted back in January on Instagram on a feed called, “Untimely Blessing.” They write, “Daddy who is Deaf signing to Baby Arrow who recently passed the Deaf test. ASL is vital for

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