Dad Doesn’t Realize How Huge Big Dinosaur He Ordered For Son Is Until It Arrives By Crane

Son did say he wanted the biggest dinosaur Daddy had ever seen To be fair, Andre Bisson was looking for a big dinosaur. He simply was trying to make a dream come true for his four-year-old son, Theo. The boy has been obsessed with dinosaurs since seeing the Disney movie, called, well, Dinosaur. There’s big. Then, there’s big. Bisson’s first clue? The phone call telling him there was some issue with delivery. That happens when you order an 18-foot, full-sized

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Amazon Prime Delivery Guy Does Happy Dance When He Discovers ‘Thank You’ Treats By Front Door

A little kindness for a hardworking Amazon Prime Delivery Guy goes a long way A little role reversal as one woman makes a delivery to an Amazon Prime delivery guy. She delivers kindness. Kathy Ouma shared on Facebook how she always leaves a little gift basket of goodies on her front porch for delivery people bringing packages this time of year. This year, her Ring camera caught one driver’s delighted reaction. The video shows the man dropping a package off

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