Dad Doesn’t Realize How Huge Big Dinosaur He Ordered For Son Is Until It Arrives By Crane

Son did say he wanted the biggest dinosaur Daddy had ever seen To be fair, Andre Bisson was looking for a big dinosaur. He simply was trying to make a dream come true for his four-year-old son, Theo. The boy has been obsessed with dinosaurs since seeing the Disney movie, called, well, Dinosaur. There’s big. Then, there’s big. Bisson’s first clue? The phone call telling him there was some issue with delivery. That happens when you order an 18-foot, full-sized

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Grandma Pulls Off Epic Dinosaur Airport Reunion With Grandson T-Rexes

Because I’ve never seen an dinosaur airport reunion I don’t love I came across this video on Twitter and can’t stop playing it. I love just sitting back in an airport and watching reunions. This dinosaur airport reunion is epic! Because I’ve never seen an airport reunion I don’t love.And this one is epic. — Daryn Kagan (@DarynKagan) January 9, 2020 I had to see what I could find out about it. Apparently, a woman named Tabitha Cooper posted

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