“Make America Kittens Again” Turns Every Photo Of Donald Trump Into Pictures Of Kittens

Nothing like kittens to help bring down your blood pressure. And if you are of the thinking that you’re sick of seeing pictures of Donald Trump plastered all over the media, Google Chrome has an extension for you. One that will crack you up. It’s called “Make America Kittens Again.” It turns every photo of Donald Trump into a picture of an adorable little kitty. The Wrap reports you simply download the extension and the magic of the internet will

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You Won’t Believe What Leeza Gibbons Is Doing With Money She Won On “The Apprentice”

What would you do if Donald Trump gave you $700,000? TV host, Leeza Gibbons, knew exactly what she would do. Gibbons won last year’s season of Celebrity Apprentice. She said she had big plans for the prize money–she wanted to open a center for caregivers in her hometown of Irmo, SC. Gibbons has dedicated much of her life to families with Alzheimer’s and the loved ones who care for them. The cause cuts close. Her mother, Jean, died from Alzheimer’s

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