Dame Judi Dench Delighting Her Grandson With TikTok Videos While in Coronavirus Isolation

Judi Dench is 85-years-old and dancing on TikTok Dame Judi Dench is one of the world’s greatest actresses. She’s also a grandmother. A Grandmother who is isolation due to the spread of the coronavirus. She’s passing some of her time co-starring in her grandson’s TikTok feed. They are doing dances. Grandson Sam Williams is trying to stump his granny with dumb pun jokes. She appears to be too sharp for him at 85-years-old. There’s also much internet discussion on how

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Why Ed Sheeran Says An Illegal Act Is The Secret To His Career Success

How much is there to love about Ed Sheeran? His songwriting? His sweet voice? His impish grin? Yes, yes and yes. He’s become an international superstar. There’s his talent, hardwork, his creative way of building his career. And then there is this– The illegal act that he says is the secret to his success. He opens up to CBS News’ Mark Phillips. I enjoy every second with the singer I like to call, “My Eddie,” (since I imagine he’s singing

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