Rescued Elephants Find Paradise At Amazing Sanctuary

Elephants are saved from a life of abuse, logging and entertainment It’s not an easy life for elephants in Thailand.  Some roam free. The vast majority live horrendous lives, abused, forced to work in the logging industry. Even situations that can look harmless to tourists, like performing elephants, or ones that give rides, are miserable situations for the animals. That’s what makes the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary so special. This is a place where elephants just get to be elephants. My

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Three Elephants In Connecticut Just Got A Lawyer To Push For Their Liberty & “Personhood”

Three elephants in Connecticut could redefine what it means to be an animal in America. They’ve lawyered up. Really. Beulah, Karen, and Minnie have spent their life entertaining humans at traveling circuses and fairs.  They now live at the Commerford Zoo. A group called “The Nonhuman Rights Project” has filed a lawsuit on behalf of the elephants demanding “recognition of their legal personhood and right to bodily liberty.” The NRC claims the zoo has been found in violation of meeting

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Ringling Bros. Circus Elephants Lumber Into Much-Deserved Retirement

Time for some awesome elephants to unpack their trunks, so to speak. The last remaining 11 Asian elephants who have been performing with Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus have been retired. The circus fought animal rights activists for years, but eventually saw the light that these magnificent creatures deserved better than having to do tricks for audiences around the world. Tip of the ringleader’s hat to the circus–When they finally retired the elephants, they sent them out in

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