Virtual Gorilla Field Trip Lets You Hang Out With Them From Your Coronavirus Lockdown

Virtual gorilla field trip will help you feel like you’re breaking free, traveling the world How about a virtual gorilla field trip to help you break out of your coronavirus lockdown situation? It’s now possible thanks to my friends Ulrico Grech-Cumbo and Amy Montalvo. They are part of the Habitat XR team that travels the world capturing VR virtual reality films of the most incredible landscapes and creatures. For the best experience, click that 4-way arrow that lets you watch

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Could Thanksgiving This Year Be Any More Awkward?

This would appear to be some incredibly poor planning. Thanksgiving. There is no holiday I love more. The spirit of gratitude. The food. You, too, Dear Reader? You are days away from going to great effort to gather around an abundant table of food with your family. You might even spend a lot of money and time to get there. A lovely thought. And, Terrible timing. This year, at least. Who was the genius that scheduled Thanksgiving for the same

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