The Heart Melting Reason This Super Bowl Player Can’t Wait To Get Back To His $11/hr Job

NFL Wide Receiver Bernard Reedy wears #17 when he plays for the New England Patriots, but 11 is his magic number when he’s not on the football field. As in $11 an hour. That’s how much Reedy makes when he works his off-season job as a driver providing transportation to people confined to wheelchairs. He’s been doing it for the last few years as he bounces from team to team. You’d think now that he’s made it to the Super Bowl,

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Amazing ‘When I Play’ Short Film Will Have You Shouting For Women’s Sports

I’m smiling from this love letter to women’s sports. Sports of all levels and abilities. Do you move? Do you compete? Have you ever been told you can’t because you’re a girl? I bet you’ll love this short film as much as I do. ESPN put it together in honor of Women’s History Month, which happens to be now. Just in case you find yourself wanting to read the words as much as hear them, here you go: To Whom It

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