Firefighter Baby Boom Has New Dads On Permanent Call In Oklahoma

An adorable baby boom in Oklahoma has folks asking, “What is in the water down there?” Seven of the firefighters in the Glenpool Fire Department have had babies this year. Well, their wives have done the heavy lift, of course. Still, the coincidence and joy were too much to ignore. Alyssa Shanks decided this bunch need a group photo, so soon after Baby #7 popped out, (that would be Gracie Lynn) the families gathered together for some adorable group photos.

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The Awesome Reason Football Star Leonard Fournette Helped To Melt Down 700 Trophies

Leonard Fournette knows what it is to achieve greatness on the football field. He was an All-American running back at LSU and the fourth pick in the most recent NFL draft. No doubt a ton of accolades have been showered on him in the run up to what is about to be his rookie season in the NFL. With accolades come trophies. Lots and lots of trophies. Which are good for stroking your ego and collecting dust. At least that’s

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Teen With No Hands Becomes School Basketball Team’s Hero

Jamarion Styles is like a lot of teenaged boys who have big basketball dreams. His was to be included. To be on a team. Which might not sound like the grandest of hoop dreams. Except that Jamarion doesn’t have hands. He’s missing most of his arms, too. What’s a kid like that doing going out for basketball. Only living his dream. And showing the rest of us what’s possible. CBS News’ Steve Hartman once again does a beautiful job telling

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