French Biker Saves Tiny Kitten In The Middle of A Busy Highway

Helmet cam worn by French biker catches the entire heart-pounding episode A gasp from a French biker as he spots a tiny kitten in the middle of a busy road is a sound animal lovers around the world will understand. A universal declaration of, “I must help you!” You can follow along, even if you don’t speak French. I understood enough to get that the biker was horrified to see the frightened little orange kitten in the middle of the

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American Survivor Of Nice, France Truck Attack Is Finally Home Six Months Later #EXCLUSIVE

Home. There is nowhere survivor Greg Krentzman and his family would rather be. After more than six months in France, they can finally say that’s exactly where they are. Home in California. Their ordeal started July 14th, Bastille Day. Greg and his French-born wife, Sophie, were walking down with their 10-year-old on her scooter. “My wife looked up and saw a truck barreling straight at us. I knew right away this was an act of terrorism,” Greg told me in

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