The Treasures I Never Expected To Inherit From My Mother

They are not mentioned in my mother’s will. And yet, It is so clear she left them to me. True treasures. So grand, I never planned on an inheritance so rich. Probably you should wait, Before you start fantasizing about how I will spend the millions of dollars, Move into incredible homes, Drip myself in sparkling jewels. Let me clarify. My mother passed away last month leaving very few material things. It wasn’t the life she planned. It’s the life

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Wishing A Good Friend Well & Faking It

You asked, you got it. Here’s my latest newspaper column. Please catch my column each week in The Atlanta Journal Constitution and The Dayton Daily News. Here’s hoping the ladies won’t mind some extra salty seasoning in the appetizers this weekend, as we gather to wish one of my favorite people in the world, “Goodbye.” For years, my friend, Lori and her husband have had this crazy dream—once their youngest child was out of high school they were up and

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