Formerly Homeless Girl Gifts The Shelter Where She Was Born

Here is a beautiful story of a girl who shows you can go home again, even when “home” meant being homeless. Lilly was born in a homeless shelter. Life got harder from there. Her mom died from breast cancer when she was three. A wonderful family adopted her and when she was old enough, her family told her the complete story of how her life began. What did this remarkable girl want to do? Raise money, buy gifts, and go

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Wedding Canceled; Bride’s Family Does Something Awesome!

It’s four days before your daughter’s dream wedding and the groom gets cold feet. He cancels the wedding. What’s the bride’s family to do? After all, KCRA-TV says Quinn Dane’s family had shelled out more than $35,000 to host 120 of their nearest and dearest at Sacramento’s Citizen Hotel. Quinn might have a broken heart, but she also has awesome parents. The Daily Mail says in just four days, the Duanes turned what was supposed to be their daughter’s wedding reception

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