ABC News Correspondent Does Live Shot Without Pants-Living Moment We Can All Relate To

Correspondent Will Reeve was wearing blazer up top, swears shorts on the bottom Pants or no pants? That is the question so many viewers of Good Morning America had today as correspondent Will Reeve presented a report on drones delivering prescriptions to customers. It all started out well enough, like so many live shots in this coronavirus era. Reeve reporting from home. Dressed in a blazer and button down shirt. But, as viewers eyes drifted to the bottom of the

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Grey’s Anatomy and Other TV Shows Donating Masks And Gloves To Hospitals Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

The producers of Grey’s Anatomy feel there is a higher calling for masks and other medical equipment Even the writers of Grey’s Anatomy probably couldn’t have come up with a pandemic plot like the one we’re living in right now. The spread of the Coronavirus means hospitals across the country are dangerously short on medical supplies like masks and gloves. Executive producer Krista Vernoff of the hit ABC show and ‘Station 19’ told Good Morning America, “We have a back-stock

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